The Miniature Railway 2019 295797_10150303931117816_132951560_n.jpg

This is a 7ΒΌ inch narrow gauge railway which gives passengers a ride over some 800 metres. The railway runs alongside part of the standard gauge line of the Colne Valley Railway.

Unlike many miniature railways which are constructed on relatively level ground, the railway is developed on a partially sloping site, with  uphill gradients of up to 1 in 60 which for a miniature passenger carrying railway is fairly steep. 

At the further end of the line from the boarding station, is a halt and turntable. Passengers may alight here and watch the locomotive being turned before returning  to our departure station. Each journey takes approximately 8-10 minutes depending on the locomotive in use. During busy periods up to 3 trains can operate subject to staffing availability. Most trains operate with a maximum seating capacity of 12-16 passengers, due to the hilly nature of our site.

The trains will not operate after dusk.

There have been changes for the 2019 season, there is a new station behind our entrance/shop.

We hope to eventually run across to the far side of the new field in 2020 watch this space.


The railway will normally open 11.00 until 16.00 most days when the main railway site is open (see main timetable) and weather permitting, but opening is also subject to volunteer staffing constraints. We may operate outside these times, but these are the core operational hours.that our trains will expect to operate. Trains will run  approx every 10 - 15 minutes (subject to demand) .

During periods of heavy leaf fall or in damp conditions the locomotives may be unable to haul the coaches due to slippery rails and services may have to be suspended. Safety is our prime concern on our sloping site, both for our passengers and for our volunteer staff. 

Steam locomotives will only be operational when their owners are available to operate them, On these days a Battery / Petrol Hydraulic loco may be operational for parts of the day, whilst drivers / locos take a rest.

The Carriages

The open carriages can seat both children and many adults, although our seats are a maximum of 21 inches (55 cm) wide.. Our sit in coaches cannot unfortunately seat large (broad) passengers, however the sit astride Mk1 style coaches do not have this restriction. Please note: All passengers must remain seated and must not lean out or allow arms or legs to protrude out of the trains whilst they are moving.

The Line 
Items of interest may be installed along the line during the summer period, particularly for the benefit of our younger visitors. The miniature railway has been installed with the help of and is operated and maintained by a small group of our volunteers.


No charge is made on main railway public operating days, although a donations box is provided to cover our running costs. The Miniature Railway has been privately funded by one of our members for your enjoyment and receives no income from its bigger neighbour. The steam Locomotives are also privatley owned.  The railway is operated by a small team of volunteers. If you wish to know more about the miniature railway, please ask one of our staff. If you are interested in assisting us with the operation of the miniature railway, please ask to speak with Evan. 

Visit our Miniature Railway website updated for 2019 with new Photos, Video clips, etc

Locomotives 2019

Our main operational locomotives are, ,"No2",  "Badger","Hedingham House","Saffron", and "Clive" named after one of our deceased members  

Hopefully there will on occasions be visiting Locomotives. And also a surprise return of a popular loco, watch this space..  

Our steam locomotives are usually only operational on special days but are subject to the owner drivers availability. 

Other locomotives may visit us on occasions, see our Home page for specific dates.


BADGER an 0-4-0 Petrol Hydraulic locomotive 

No2 A Petrol Hydraulic 0-6-0 Locomotive 

HEDDINGHAM HOUSE a Battery Locomotive   All Wheels are driven 


SAFFRON an 0-4-0  Battery locomotive 

                                                                        CLIVE Petrol Hydraulic 0-4-0 Locomotive 

                         TOM an 0-4-0 Petrol Hydraulic Locomotive  ( returning to CVMR after a few years away near manchester) 

                                                         This photo was taken in 2008/9  before Tom left CVMR 

Erin  Steam Loco Erin  0-6-0 Steam Locomotive  erinatdrawell (640x510) (300x239).jpgRomulus   0-6-0 Steam Locomotive