Petrol Hydraulic Locomotives

No. 7 "Badger"

Badger is our most powerful petrol hydraulic locomotive. The 0-4-0 locomotive arrived at the CVMR for the 2013 season and has become a favourite with both passengers and staff. Badger will comfortably haul 5 coaches allowing room for approximately 20 passengers.


Owner: Evan Bailey.  

Number 2

This was the second engine to arrive on the CVMR. The locomotive is a petrol hydraulic 0-6-0 based on a narrow gauge prototype.  It was rebuilt by Pat Willis in 2005. Number 2 will comfortably haul 3 coaches up our gradients, allowing room for approximately 15 passengers.


Owner: Evan Bailey.


New for 2017

Clive is our newest petrol hydraulic locomotive. Clive arrived at the CVMR for the 2017 season and will comfortably haul 4 coaches allowing room for approximately 19 passengers.


Owner: Evan Bailey

Battery Locomotives

Class 31 "Hedingham House"

Hedingham house is a class 31 styled locomotive built by the Railways Owner. This 24 volt battery powered class 31 styled loco utilises 4 x 24volt  280 watt motors. Hedingham House has  a 1/3 Scale Progressive brake valve with Lap, control and allows the brakes to be applied gently, particularly on our inclined section of track.The loco is wooden construction, and can haul up to 20 passengers.


Owner: Evan Bailey.

Dock Shunter "Saffron"

Saffron is a 24 volt battery powered  0-4-0 locomotive manufactured by compass house. Saffron can haul 3 coaches up our 1 in 50 gradient, allowing room for 12-15 passengers.  It has regenerative braking and is very effective even on our incline.

It was aquired during September 2009 from its previous owner in Shropshire.

(Please note: Saffron will not be in operation on Day Out With Thomas events)


Owner: Evan Bailey.

Steam Locomotives

Please Note:

Steam locomotives will only be in operation when their owners are available to operate them, on these days a Battery/Petrol Hydraulic loco may also be operational for parts of the day, whilst drivers/locos take a rest.   

Sweet William "Erin"

Erin is a powerful 0-6-0 tender engine. The locomotive is privately owned however is to be based at the CVMR. Erin arrived at our railway in February 2015 and made many appearances throughout the season. The locomotive can haul 4 coaches allowing room for 20 passengers. 

Currently Out Of Service  

Owner's: DC/RAB/EB


This is a very powerful 0-4-0 tender engine. The locomotive is based on a narrow gauge prototype. Romulus become based at the CVMR in 2012 and made many appearances until it suffered from boiler failure in 2013. The locomotive is now back in action ready for the 2016 season. Romulus can haul 4 coaches allowing room for 20 passengers. 


Owner: James Francis.

This is our largest and latest locomotive YEO  it was until a year or so ago based at Poplar Nurseries , Marks Tey 

 owner James 

Visiting Locomotives                                                               

Tram Engine "Toby" 

0-4-0 Locomotive "Toby" will once again be visiting the CVMR throughout the 2016 season from the Island of Sodor. 

(Toby will operational on occasions throughout the year, mainly on Day out with Thomas events)

Owner: Evan Bailey



Super Huskie 

24V 0-4-0 Battery Super Huskie Locomotive is owned by one of our members, Although this loco will not be based at the CVMR it will be making appearances throughout the year. 

Owner: Ross Bramhald

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Visiting locomotives are welcome on any operating day, Please contact our office on 01787 461174 in the first instance.