A new station will open for the 2019 season,  and further expansion will take place later this year  


A  Temporary station and a major track repositioning has taken place with limited train operation, 

Romulus Returns! 

We are happy to announce that Romulus has returned to steam and will be making many apperances throughout 2016.  



Romulus rebuild has begun! 

We are very happy to announce that the owner of Romulus has recieved the new boiler and the rebuild has begun, We hope to see Romulus back during spring 2016.  


Summer Mid-Week Gala Confirmed! 

New for 2015! 

This year one of our members has decided to organise a Mid-Week Summer gala on Wednesday 19th August 2015. For more details Click Here.  



New Arrival!

The latest locomotive to arrive at the CVMR is "Sweet William "Erin", Erin is priviatly owned, the owners hope to have it in steam by may. 




It only seems like yesterday that this little locomotive arrived! however a year on it was decided that 0-4-0 locomotive "Wendy" was to be sold. The locomotive was sold due to not having enough pull power for our gradients. 


New Arrival!

Today saw the arrival of Class 86 locomotive Brook. 

Ross and Evan, owners of the locomotive traveled today to Nuneaton to collect the class 86. The locomotive runs on two 24 volt batteries, The locomotive will be in operation during the 2015 season.

The locomotive has been named Brook.

Locomotive Update  

During the closed season petrol hydraulic locomotive No.2 has received a new control system, this new system means that the locomotive can be stopped and controlled much easier and smoother than its previous design. No.2 has also received a new driving tender which is more stable than its previous one.  


Locomotive Update

During the closed season Hedingham house has received 2 new  heavier and more powerful driving bogies.This has made a significant difference to the pulling power of this loco. These bogies were manufactured and supplied by Ride on Railways www.rideonrailways.co.uk


Saffron has had its driving tender fitted with a powered bogie that was fitted to  Hedingham House. This has been connected to the Controller and  has increased Saffron's pulling power by over 130%, to see this little loco pulling up to 16 passengers around our track is impressive. Saffrons chassis can now also carry a different body shell, converting it to Toby the Tram Engine. this will be seen on occasions throughout the year, but particularly during Days Out With Thomas.


After a few teething problems we now have a fully functioning mainly automatic signalling system installed for multiple train operation in 2014.


New Arrival!

0-4-0 Locomotive "Wendy" the newest edition to the CVMR stock.

Wendy is a 0-4-0 12 volt battery locomotive, the locomotive will be hauling short trains as soon as the locomotive is serviced. 

New Arrival!

New petrol hydraulic 0-4-0 locomotive "Badger" arrives ready for the 2013 season.

Miniature Railway Extension  

For 2013 there is a new loop that climbs away behind our storage facility up a 1 in 50 incline and then through some trees before descending again around an earth bank and into the station area. (See Plan above) there are also some adjustments to the smaller train store access.  This allows for larger steam locos to operate on approx 50' radius curves, our existing loop is nearer 35' radius. Some further adjustments to the track layout to access this new loop are being made for the 2014 season, this will allow most trains to use this new loop except in wet or icy weather conditions.