Past Locomotives


This was the first locomotive to arrive on the railway. The body was of wooden constuction and seated the driver and two passengers

This loco previously ran at the Rode Woodland Railway near Bath which was a bird park. The powered chassis was we believe built by Mardkye in 1981 and the body by David Underhill who ran the line at Rode. Sadly it has had to be scrapped due to body rot, exhuast emmission problems and  a gearbox failure.

However its  motion may resurface  after a  major overhual as another privatley owned loco.


Tom was a petrol hydraulic steam ouline 0-4-0 locomotive.   

Tom was originally built for the Manor Park Railway in Glossop, where we understand its sister is still based.

Tom left us in 2012 and is now based at the High Legh Railway. 

It was made by Ronald Kay in 1983.


Wendy was a 12v 0-4-0 locomotive manufactured by Maxitrak. Wendy arrived at the CVMR in 2013, however our gradients appeared to steep for the little locomotive. 

Wendy departed the railway January 2015. 

Dock Shunter

This locomotive is now privately owned by one of our members. 

(The dock shunter may return in the future)


This is a small but powerfull 0-4-0 live steam tank locomotive. 

This little locomotive used to visit the CVMR often for special events with Romulus when it was with its previous owner, Clive Leslie who sadly passed away in 2012 and is sadly missed.

Class 86 86040 "Brook"

Brook was a 24 volt battery class 86 locomotive.  The locomotive was a mixture of both a wooden and metal construction. 

Brook was acquired in January 2015 from Nuneaton where it has previously been based at a private railway.

Brook left us in May 2017 and is now based at a private railway.